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Ready to build strength? Mindful, fitness-centered BodyWorks classes help you improve your cardio and muscular endurance – so you can feel confident in the skin you’re in.

What is BodyWorks?

Designed with a biomechanics approach, BodyWorks classes are more intensive, total-body workouts. You can think of Bodyworks as a combination of Pilates, physical training, and total-body conditioning.

Bodyworks classes may include strength exercises, cardiovascular conditioning, core stability, balance, and flexibility.

Full Body Works

Leg Workout

10 minute to 2 hours of Abdominals

Why You’ll Love BodyWorks

If you love hitting the gym as much as the yoga mat, BodyWorks classes are the perfect fit for you. You’ll increase your stamina, build muscle tone, and dig deep into the mechanics of the human body to optimize your workout.

Your BodyWorks class will include:

  • A challenging, mindful workout
  • High-energy instruction that keeps you motivated
  • Heart-pumping, refreshing movements and postures

What to Expect

What is BodyWorks like? It depends on the class! Some are full-body classes and some focus specifically on legs or upper body. We even have some 10-minute abs classes. This means you can really customize your schedule to work around your yoga practice.

BodyWorks classes are accessible for all levels of practitioner, and our certified instructors will give you modifications in case you want to take it easy – or challenge yourself more. Regardless of your level, expect to get a complete heart-pumping workout when you join us.

Benefits of BodyWorks

BodyWorks combines the mindfulness benefits of yoga or Pilates with the physical benefits of a gym workout.

Studies have shown that regular cardio can . It is also a wonderful way to maintain good fitness levels.

In addition to ample cardio, resistance training is incredibly beneficial for your body. It’s the and can help stabilize and protect your joints.

Get Started Today

Ready to break a sweat? Try your first BodyWorks class for free with our highly trained, motivational instructors.

*change or cancel anytime.


A Class for Your Every Need

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FAQs About BodyWorks

BodyWorks is our very own style of fitness class. We wanted to provide mindful classes that centered around cardio, HIIT, and resistance training in order to complement your yoga practice and improve your overall health.

Now, you can have access to full-body gym-style workouts alongside your online yoga and mindful fitness classes.

Absolutely! As long as you’re willing to put in the effort and break a sweat, BodyWorks is great for all ability levels.

Our instructors can modify exercises to suit different experience levels. That being said, if you are recovering from an injury, or have high blood pressure or heart problems, this style of fitness class may not be the best fit for you.

It’s always best to check with your health practitioner first to see if a cardio and weight-training style class will be safe for you.

You can get a challenging, full-body workout with just your body weight! Your BodyWorks instructor will work with what you have and make any recommendations if you need to challenge yourself more. For your comfort, however, we do recommend using a yoga mat during class.

To get the most out of your workout, you may want to include some dumbbells (just whatever light weights you feel comfortable doing multiple reps with), ankle weights, or wrist weights, and a yoga block if you have one!