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We created Ƶapp with one purpose in mind – to provide people from all walks of life with a happy place to connect through mindful movement.

What is Ƶapp?

It’s more than just yoga and mindful fitness classes. Ƶapp is a community of dedicated teachers who are passionate about helping you feel your best – and practitioners of all levels who want to learn from the best.

Though we embrace a diverse range of yoga and fitness styles, each of our classes shares a common theme – excellence in teaching that has upheld Ƶapp as the gold standard in yoga. We infuse our online classes with quality, integrity, accessibility, and a sense of magic.

Ƶapp History

Our founders, Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, and Alan Finger, believed in yoga’s power to change lives, and were inspired to create a community where everyone was welcome to practice yoga. They came together from different parts of the world, and different yoga disciplines, to share their passion for bringing yoga to the people.

In 1987 they opened the first Ƶapp studio in Santa Monica, CA, and quickly became known for gathering the best yoga instructors and styles under one roof. Our founders used their vast knowledge and expertise in meditation and subtle-body work to create the highly renowned Ƶapp teacher training program.

Since then, we’ve expanded our reach globally with Ƶapp digital live and on-demand classes.

Our Purpose

Our highly trained, passionate teachers aim to make yoga accessible to all, and offer a practice that can be applied both on and off the mat – and Ƶapp is what we created to achieve that.

Yoga makes you feel more connected with yourself and others, so we truly believe that the more people practice yoga, the better place the world will be. No matter your age, ability, or lifestyle, we have yoga classes that will suit your needs, and the first 14 days are free!

*change or cancel anytime.